“We just purchased our ninth home – NINE! – using Phyllis Lemon as our agent. We’ve known Phyllis for more than 20 years, and we’d never use anyone but her. She knows the market better than anyone, she is the hardest worker we’ve ever seen, and she absolutely puts her clients’ interests above her own. Her experience level is exceptional, but what really makes her special is her unwavering integrity and her commitment to her people. We consider her a dear friend. You won’t find a better agent anywhere.” – Dr. and Dr. H., New York, NY

“A friend recommended Mike McClure to us. As the CEO of a mid-sized corporation, I have very high expectations of what it means to provide “professional service.” Mike exceeded my expectations. He did an incredible job of keep me in the loop, including several occasions when I was traveling overseas. We corresponded at all hours, and it was typical for him to respond to an email from me at 11:30 PM within literally minutes. He led us through a complex transaction and every decision we made was the right one, which I attribute to his expert advice. He also told us the truth, even when it was not easy to do so. Not only that, but he hand-picked the Realtor we ended up using to buy our next home in Chicago, and that experience was equally professional and drama-free. If we ever come back to the area, Mike is our guy.” – Nick F., Chicago, IL

Phyllis Lemon has a reputation for selling luxury homes. All I know is that I bought a $120,000 starter home in Westland and she made me feel like I was her most important client. I lost count of the number of houses we saw. Lots of successful Realtors have a prima donna attitude. Not Phyllis. She knocked herself out for me. I will never use anyone but her for any real estate needs in the future.” – Cindy C., Westland, MI

“We came to Metro Detroit with no prior knowledge of the area. Michael McClure gave us his advice, and so did many other people. We wanted to buy a home in an area that seemed attractive at the time. Mike basically wouldn’t let us. At the time, we were upset. Not long after we bought our home and really learned the area, we realized that Mike’s advice was perfect. He could have sold us the home we wanted and made about the same money, but he refused to allow us to make a mistake. We ended up selling that home and making a very strong profit. Thanks for caring about us, Mike. We really didn’t expect that from a Realtor!” – Greg and Jennifer P., Morristown, NJ

Michael McClure and I used to work together as CPAs at Price Waterhouse many years ago. Although Mike is a very low-key salesman, he persisted in telling me about a vacant property that was for sale that he felt was a great bargain. After nearly a year of begging me to check it out, I finally did. I ended up buying that property and selling it a couple of years later at a profit of more than $900,000. In only TWO years! WOW. I am extremely grateful for the advice Mike provided.” –William C., Clarkston, MI

“As a luxury builder of the past 30 years, I’ve seen and worked with just about every Realtor in the market. Phyllis Lemon has been my only choice during all those years. She is the only Realtor that I completely trust and respect. I’ve seen them all. She’s the best.” – Anthony B., Novi, MI

“We’ve lost count of the number of people we’ve referred to Phyllis Lemon and Michael McClure over the years. The number is literally now more than 50. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. They are true professionals. They always deliver. I wouldn’t think of referring anyone else.” – Robert and Joan H., Novi

“We’ve bought and sold seven different houses using Michael McClure and Phyllis Lemon. They are like family to us now. We’ve spent holidays and birthdays with them. They’ve shared their homes with us, and we’ve shared ours with them. They are so much more than Realtors. They are great at what they do, and even better people.” – Brett and Carla W., Northville, MI

“We bought our condo with Mike McClure and were so satisfied that we had him sell it for us three years later. We were in the process of relocating to Hagerstown, and we needed to move prior to the closing. Mike handled all of the details in our absence, including signing everything using power of attorney. We have total trust and confidence in Mike. He did a phenomenal job for us.” – Richard and Carol A., Hagerstown, MD

“We’ve built and sold two of the most expensive homes in Brighton in the last five years. Phyllis Lemon and Mike McClure sold both of those homes for us. We know from experience that selling homes at the top of the market is not easy. Phyllis and Mike are incredibly diligent and are tireless promoters and workers. They’ve absolutely done the job for us both times.” – Mark and Sheila K., Green Oak, MI

“I’ve been a builder for 20+ years. Phyllis Lemon and Mike McClure have been representing me for the last 10 years, because I think they’re people of integrity and they know how to work. I’ve sold many homes using them, and three of my personal residences. I trust them completely.” – Al S., Novi, MI

“My offer was one of nine on the home I ended up buying, and my offer was NOT the highest amount offered. Michael McClure seemingly worked some kind of magic on my behalf, and his advice on how to structure our offer was spot-on. That, plus his manner of dealing with the other agent, and his overall manner of diplomacy, was outstanding.” – Jack R., Plymouth, MI

Michael McClure suggested a pricing strategy that, at first, seemed somewhat risky. After receiving 13 offers in one day and selling my condo for the highest price every paid in my condo complex, and after netting $25K more than our list price, I’d say he’s a genius. From start to finish, every detail was handled perfectly.” – Jim B, Northville, MI

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