Marketing a Home

Marketing a home. As a seller of a home or condo in Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Northville, Plymouth or any other community in Metro Detroit, your primary concern in selling (other than the experience, talent and integrity of your real estate agent) should be marketing.

It’s important in most businesses, true.

But in real estate, it’s absolutely crucial. It is THE name of the game.

At Professional One Real Estate, we take great pride in providing the most professional, comprehensive and complete home marketing system in the industry.

Over the years, our small group of dedicated, experienced and motivated real estate professionals has sold more than $500 million of real estate. That’s right, more than half a billion dollars!

The vast majority of our sales have been in the form of listings. The backbone of our business was, is, and will always be the successful selling of our listed homes at prices that are at or near the highest level prevailing market conditions will allow.

Below is a list of the things that we do for each and every one of our listings that allow us to continue to perform at the levels that provide such continued success on a consistent basis.

Before the Listing is Obtained

  1. Obtain all available information about property from online sources.
  2. Research historical sales activity within applicable subdivision/area.
  3. Analyze properties currently for sale which are comparable to subject property.
  4. Prepare summary of items 2 and 3 above, in the form of a “Comparative Marketing Analysis” (CMA).
  5. Determine probable market value (or range of market value) for home.
  6. Prepare Listing documents.
  7. Prepare “seller’s net sheet” that estimates your true net proceeds.

After the Listing is Obtained

  1. Communicate listing particulars to our office staff (showing instructions, etc.).
  2. Input listing details into MLS (we do this ourselves via “Broker Load” to get your listing into the MLS faster and to ensure the propriety of the input; some other companies utilize the MLS itself, which slows the process and which often results in repeated error correction on the part of the agent).
  3. Prepare mailing to your neighborhood.
  4. Prepare mailing to our past clients.
  5. Post information on our website,
  6. Syndicate information to Zillow, the #1 consumer real estate search site in the world (the image below details a partial list of the sites to which your home will ultimately be syndicated; we syndicate our listings to literally thousands of sites, ensuring maximum exposure in the place where it matters the most in today’s real estate game: the web).
  7. Syndicate information to Trulia.
  8. Syndicate information to
  9. Syndicate information to thousands of other real estate sites.
  10. Review information on Zillow.
  11. Review information on Trulia.
  12. Review information on
  13. Review information on other websites on which your home will appear.
  14. Monitor the market for recent activity (new listings for sale) which could affect your listing.
  15. Follow up on all showings.
  16. Place subsequent ads as considered necessary.
  17. Periodically communicate feedback remarks to you.

Websites to Which We Syndicate Our Listings

At Time of Offer

  1. Provide you with an updated CMA reflecting current market conditions at time of offer.
  2. Critically review offer, explain pros and cons of all provisions to you.
  3. Critically review the financial wherewithal of prospective purchaser.
  4. Review your “seller’s net sheet” so you fully understand the financial implications of your decision BEFORE you make that decision.
  5. Coordinate review of offer with your attorney.
  6. Provide our opinion as to the various strategies and alternatives that you should consider in the particular circumstances.

Things We Don’t Do (and Why)

Print advertising – Short answer why: it just doesn’t work. For more than 20 years, we spent $1,400+ per month to promote our listings in various high-end print publications. Our ROI on that ad spend was positively abysmal, particularly in comparison to the activity we now create with a variety of online digital techniques (many of which very few of our competitors are using, some of which none of our competitors are using). We simply do more of what works, and less of what does not. And print does not.

Open houses – Check out this blog post in our blog, or download our free 16 Questions You Must Ask Your Next Real Estate Agent, where we discuss this point in detail.

The Bottom Line

Our approach is very effective. Check out How We Sell Faster and For More, along with Our Recent Success Stories, for more of the details and evidence that our methods work exceptionally well.


We’d Love to Help You Star in Our Next Real Estate Success Story!

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