Guaranteed Services Policy

With our Guaranteed Services Policy, we guarantee your satisfaction, in writing. There are no catches, and there is no fine print. Prior to the signing of a purchase agreement, any Professional One Real Estate client can rescind any contractual relationship with Professional One at any time for any reason.

This makes working with us literally risk free and it gives us major leverage over our competitors. It puts the pressure on us to deliver and to honor every promise that we make to each and every one of our clients – and we do!

This is very simple, actually: your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you aren’t happy with the level of the professional service that we provided to you, we don’t want to profit from our efforts. What more can we do to show you the level of our commitment to you?

And a better question is this: why doesn’t every other company in the industry provide this same guarantee? The answer is simple: because they can’t. They don’t have enough confidence in the level of service that they provide. We do. It’s one of the obvious things that we do to separate ourselves from our competition!

guaranteed services policy
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