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You’re buying a home in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Maybe you’re looking in downtown Plymouth. Or maybe downtown Northville. Or in a great new sub in Canton. Or perhaps in Livonia’s charming Rosedale Park area. Or near the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Or in beautiful downtown Birmingham. Wherever you may be looking–whether in Wayne, Oakland or Washtenaw County, and whether you’ve done it before or you’re a first-time homebuyer–the process can be daunting. At Professional One Real Estate, we like to make things simple, smooth and easy for our clients.

And that’s why we put together this “Buying a Home” page, to help you navigate that process. Because the process in reality does proceed in “sections” of activity–understanding real estate agency and disclosures, finding a great real estate agent to properly represent you, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, searching for your next home, finding that home, offering on it and then, hopefully, closing on it and moving into it!–we set up the page in that way, so you can focus on one of those sections at a time.

Also below, we’ve included free items you can download to help you further, whether it’s selling your current home for the maximum the market will allow (which is crucial when you’re thinking about buying a home), or finding the perfect real estate agent to help you with your next purchase or sale, or getting a a good idea as to what your current home is worth right now. Our goal is to help to educate you about the real estate process, and we believe these items will help you. So, please download and enjoy!

Buying a Home, from Start to Finish

Let us put our $.5 BILLION of sales experience to work for you.

understand what's involved in buying a home or selling a home

Get up to speed on things you need to understand before you’re ready to buy: agency, disclosures & inspections! Learn more >

select an agent when buying a home

Now it’s time to find a professional to help you through the process. Learn how to find the PERFECT agent for you! Learn more >

preparations for selling a home or buying a home

Choose a lender, get approved and find out exactly what you can afford. Be prepared so you can move quickly! Learn more >


You’re ready to start looking! Learn all about the search process and how to find the PERFECT home quickly & efficiently! Learn more >

buying a home the offer process

Learn the different types of offer, how to prepare your offer, and how to successfully negotiate the contract! Learn more >

buying a home the final steps

From offer acceptance to moving in, learn about the 10 key steps involved in the most exciting part of the process! Learn more >

Buying a Home Soon? Have Questions? We’d Love to Help!

Related Information from Our Blog

Here are a few of our blog posts that relate to buying a home in the greater Detroit metropolitan real estate market. And if you’d like to read more, just go to our blog and consume as much as you like!

  • Does Your Agent Pass the “10,000 Hour Rule” Test? – According to popular author Malcolm Gladwell, the key to success in any field correlates very closely to whether the practitioner has or has not practiced the job at hand for a total of around 10,000 hours. As a buyer of real estate, you need a professional with this level of experience and expertise.
  • Communication Breakdown – Communication is MASSIVELY important when working with any real estate agent. Demand this level of communication from whomever you select to assist you in buying your next home!
  • Who is the Client? – Many real estate brands OPENLY STATE that they exist to serve THEIR AGENTS, and NOT their clients! That is NOT a typo – you are reading that correctly! You deserve an agent AND a brand that makes YOU, the real estate buyer, the focus of everything they do. Nothing less should be acceptable to you!
  • Missing the Next Bill Gates – Similar to the prior point, many real estate brands have literally no standards when it comes to the agents they will allow into their fold. It’s no wonder the public thinks so poorly of the real estate industry. Find a brand that has standards. You deserve that.
  • “Why” is Why Real Estate Brands Don’t Matter – Simon Sinek wrote a brilliant book called Start With Why. In it, he talks about how important it is for brands to do things for the right reasons. When you select the agent, brokerage and brand you ultimately choose to represent you when you buy your next home, make sure they have the right “why.”
  • We’re NOT #1 – Real estate is infamous for its obsession with “quantitative” metrics–like sales, transactions and agent income–instead of qualitative ones–like customer satisfaction, human relationships and great service. We think that’s wrong.
  • Absolute Candor – Real estate agents owe their buying clients a fiduciary duty. In lay terms, that means they must put YOUR interests above THEIR interests. But the hard reality is many do not do this.

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