In real estate, there is no skill more valuable, no result more desired, than the ability to help clients get every last dollar when they sell their homes, and to do that as quickly as possible. As noted on our homepage, we do that with regularity. Here are the specific steps involved…


Absolute Candor

As we noted in this blog post, as your fiduciary, we owe you nothing less than complete candor and honesty, 100% of the time. We tell you the truth, even when it hurts–because that’s the only way we can represent you to the fullest. And we owe you that.


Pre-Sale Preparation

We’ve spent decades learning about what sellers can do to get every last dollar possible when they sell. In fact, we studied this issue so much we decided to write an eBook on this very topic. You can download it for free right now.


Professional Photograpy

Almost every buyer looks at a home online before they decide whether to view it or not, and, in this context, the difference between every very good amateur photography and professional photography is telling. Here is an example of the type of photography we use for every listing. 


Social Media Mastery

The New York Times has endorsed our founder for his Social Media expertise. We have a Twitter following of 55K. Our founder has co-authored books on the use of Social Media in real estate. We leverage Social Media better than anyone. 


Facebook Advertising

We have a Facebook group with nearly 19K real estate professionals. We’ve created Facebook posts that have reached over 450K people. We leverage this powerful platform to gain additional exposure for every listing. 


Video Syndication

We post all of our videos to YouTube, as YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, second only to Google itself, and also to Facebook. We’ve had videos on our Facebook page reach over 60K people, receive over 28K views and be shared over 500 times. This provides incremental exposure for our listings.


Neighborhood Blitz

While it’s true that the vast majority of buyers find out about our listings from all of the digital promotion we do, it’s also true that–sometimes–the best source for a buyer is a neighbor who knows someone looking to buy in the neighborhood. And that’s why we send out high-quality, image-rich promotional mailers to everyone who lives near every new listing, to leverage that opportunity as well.


Hyper-local Promotion

We create a lot of hyper-local content (on Facebook and on our website), and we do this specifically to attract additional people to our work so they’ll be more likely to see our real-estate-specific postings as well. Again, it’s all about creating additional exposure.


Content Syndication

Our listings are automatically syndicated to literally hundreds of different real estate websites around the globe, including the most-trafficked of all, including Zillow, Trulia and This is crucial and provides a huge additional layer of potentially interested buyers for our listings.


Technological Expertise

Our founder has literally written books on the use of technology in real estate. He’s the co-founder of a tech training company that has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry, and he’s toured the country speaking about Social Media, technology and professionalism. We know tech and how to best leverage it to get our listings sold. 


Massive Experience

Everything we’ve mentioned on this page is important, but–by far–the most critical factor of all is our hard-earned experience. With 120+ cumulative years of selling and more than $.5B of close sales, we have experience that few in our market can match. And we put this knowledge to work for each and every client, every day.


We’d Love to Help You Star in Our Next Real Estate Success Story!

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