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The principals of Professional One Real Estate combine highly-competitive professional backgrounds, advanced educational accomplishments, nationally recognized thought leadership on professionalism, branding and technology, and an intense, meticulous attention to detail to delight their clients. Here’s our story…

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Creating Real Estate Success Stories in the Suburbs of Metro Detroit

We live here, we play here, we sell real estate here and we love it here! From the western edge of our territory, Ann Arbor–the home of the “Harvard of the West,” the University of Michigan–to thriving and prosperous suburbs of Detroit–like Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Livonia and Farmington Hills–all the way around to the class, culture and sophistication of Birmingham on the northeastern edge of our market, our base is full of great places to live, work and call “home.” And that’s what we do…create real estate success stories for our wonderful clients, the people who trust us with arguably one of the most important decisions of their lives: buying or selling a home.

Built to Serve

We are a boutique professional services consultancy specializing in the stellar representation of real estate buyers and sellers. Nationally, we’ve been named one of the Most Creative Brands of the Decade and a Beta Brokerage of the Future. And in an industry infamous for its lack of standards, we also have the highest barrier to entry in the all of real estate. We’re small on purpose, because we refuse to lower our standards. But that’s not what matters. What does matter is that we provide each and every client with expert representation developed from decades of serving buyers and sellers at a consistent level of excellence. We advocate for our clients aggressively, ethically and expertly. Our focus is on SERVICE. The only metric that truly matters to us is client satisfaction. We aren’t trying to be the biggest firm. We are committed to being THE BEST.

Refugees from What’s Killing Real Estate

We are refugees of a sort: we escaped from traditional, “bigger is better,” “we’re #1,” “it’s all about transactions, not clients” brands because we just didn’t fit. Money didn’t motivate us. Serving clients to the fullest did. Watching many “#1” agents and teams for the past 30+ years, we saw agent incomes skyrocket–and client service and public opinion of the real estate industry steadily decline.

We came from professional backgrounds–one a CPA from the #1 accounting firm in the world, another the director of the online arm of a Fortune 10 company, and another a Hall-of-Fame member of one of the top three brands in real estate–and we shared a common vision and a common obsession, which was and is to provide the best possible service to each and every client in our primary areas of concentration in Metro Detroit: Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Livonia, Farmington Hills, Commerce, Ann Arbor and Birmingham.

Inherent in that larger goal were these significant supporting philosophies:

  • People matter more than transactions.
  • Every client situation is unique and should be served uniquely.
  • Do nothing from a short-term perspective.
  • Do what is best for the client, no matter what.
  • Customer satisfaction is the only metric that truly matters.

We understood we could follow the now-well-established formula of (team formation + series of self-aggrandizing self-promotion campaigns + focus on sales + more self-aggrandizing self-promotion campaigns + more focus on sales = huge personal incomes), or

We could focus on serving each and every client obsessively and completely, and enjoying the fruits of that labor (which are more than enough, truth be told).

We chose the latter.

And you can be the beneficiary of that decision.

Proud of Our Priorities

At Professional One, we focus on things that are not as easily measured: valuing relationships more than money, creating lifelong connections with people and ensuring complete and total satisfaction for each and every client every client who graces us with their with their trust and confidence.

We’re proud to have those as our priorities.

We think we reflect them in our Mission Statements & Core Values.

We love serving our clients.

And it shows in everything we do.

Proud of Our Accomplishments

First and foremost, our #1 accomplishment is helping our clients buy and sell homes successfully, and we’ve done that to the tune of $500M+ in closed residential real estate sales.

Beyond that, the leaders of Professional One have been heavily involved in leading the call for change and for a general raising of the bar in the real estate industry. We’ve also reshaped the industry by co-founding several companies that help agents, teams and brokers all over the world build better businesses.

We bring all that knowledge, experience and expertise to bear in each and every client situation locally.

Click here to learn about the many things we’ve done.

Meet the Team

Click here to learn about the exceptional qualifications, both individually as collectively, of our real estate professionals. Compare our roster to that of any other company. You will not find a more impressive combination of experience (over $500 million of cumulative sales experience), professionalism (a CPA, multiple MBAs and a RE/Max Hall of Fame member, among others) and commitment to client satisfaction than you will at Professional One Real Estate. We guarantee it!


We’d Love to Help You Star in Our Next Real Estate Success Story!

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