Mission Statements & Core Values

At Professional One, we take the vision of our company seriously. Very seriously, in fact. We believe that, for any organization, the corporate, collective vision is the foundation upon which everything else is built. Below are the Mission Statements and Core Values of our brand. We require agents to commit to these things, in writing, when they join Professional One. We’re small by design, because we’ve learned that it’s challenging to scale excellence in real estate. And it’s far more important to us to stay true to the vision that it is to scale for the pure purpose of scaling. We don’t believe “bigger is better.” We believe “better is better.” We hope you agree.

Mission Statements

  • To provide the highest level of professional service, and to achieve the highest rates of client retention and customer satisfaction, in the real estate industry. Stated more simply, to be the best and to never settle for less.
  • To help Realtors reach their potential as real estate professionals.

Core Values

  • Demonstrate uncompromising integrity in all things at all times. No exceptions, ever. Our collective organizational reputation is our single most valuable asset.
  • Our clients’ interests supersede our interests.
  • Practice the “Golden Rule” with respect to everyone at all times: our clients, other agents, other agents’ clients and the general public. Always treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. Make your enemy your friend.
  • Under-promise and over-deliver. Not some of the time. ALL of the time.
  • Never be satisfied with mediocrity. Never stop improving, learning and growing. Know your weaknesses and work hard to overcome them.
  • Demonstrate professionalism in all things at all times. Lead by example and strive to elevate those around you with your complete commitment to excellence.
  • Focus on the client and the dollars will come; focus on the dollars and the client will not return.
  • Attitude is everything. Positive thinking produces positive results.
  • The long view is the ONLY view. Always base decisions on the long-term implications.

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