professional one we focus on better metrics

We’re NOT #1! (We focus on better metrics.)

While most of real estate focuses on traditional metrics…at Professional One Real Estate, we focus on BETTER metrics.

At our office meetings (we don’t have “sales” meetings), we use words like “service,” “excellence,” “communication,” “under-promise” and “over-deliver.” We discuss topics like “managing expectations” and “providing value-added service” and “becoming the trusted expert.”

We talk about challenges we’ve had with clients and situations…and we share what we’ve learned from those experiences with one another.

We talk about how we serve our clients…and what we can do to serve our clients more efficiently and more effectively. At every meeting, we review our Mission Statements and Core Values.

We REMIND and REINFORCE and REITERATE the principles, values and ethics for which we stand. At every meeting…

It’s NOT About the Numbers…

We never talk about sales techniques…or agent rankings…or scripts…

We never talk about ANYTHING where QUANTITY matters more than QUALITY.

The guy pictured at right? His motto was “ABC: Always Be Closing.”

Yeah…he wouldn’t fit in very well with us…

And yes, we ARE a real estate company.

Does this surprise you?

Always. Be. Crushing!

At Professional One, we’re about the CLIENT, the EXPERIENCE and the SATISFACTION.

Our focus is on the long term, the relationship and the qualitative.

And, if we had an “ABC” motto, it would be this: “Always Be Crushing” (“crushing” is a euphemism from Gary Vaynerchuk’s (@garyvee) book called “Crush It,” which is all about doing everything with passion, commitment and excellence).

Professional One is a PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FIRM that happens to represent clients buying and selling real estate.

And, as a result…we’re not “number 1” in anything (other than in having the highest internal standards and barrier to entry)…

…that can be readily measured.

Because that’s not our goal.

“BIG” is not the goal… “BEST” is…

So many people, brokerages, companies and brands are caught up in being “Number 1.”

Given the low barrier to entry, the fact that 73% of all agents are by definition part-time and the overall low opinion the public has of the industry in general, I believe that being “Number 1″ is not necessarily an indication of dominance, excellence or professionalism. Or, as Brian Boero (@1000WattBrian) of 1000Watt Consulting said it:

In real estate, stupid scales. Excellence lives in small pockets. That’s how it’s always been. And it will be this way until, someday soon, a rising tide of technology and consumer frustration reaches flood stage, breaches the levee, and sweeps forty years of toxic sediment out to sea.

Our goal is to recruit nothing but the creme de la creme of the industry. And then to help those professionals provide such over-the-top service to their clients that those clients cannot help but become raving fans of our agents…and our brand.

As because our goal is to engage nothing but the best of the best, we will NEVER grow beyond a relatively modest number of professionals, and we are fine with that. We are a small brokerage based in Metro Detroit, and the focus of our business is Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Livonia and West Bloomfield.

Because the goal is NOT to be the biggest.

The goal is ABSOLUTELY to be the best.

So, we’ll proudly tell you, “We’re NOT Number 1!”

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