Six Offers in One Day on Canton Michigan Home

On February 17, 2015, Professional One Real Estate listed the property at 44366 Nowland Drive in Canton, Michigan. Within the first full day on the market, the seller received six unique offers on the property.

Professional One Real Estate broker/owner Michael McClure was the listing agent. “Our clients, my co-listing agent Phyllis Lemon and I spent a lot of time agonizing over the pricing of this property, because it was an unusual situation: a great home that was beautifully kept and updated, but it was also the first home in the sub–which can be a turnoff to some buyers,” noted McClure. “As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and that we received so many offers so fast suggest we got this one right.”

“Whether you’re selling in  Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Canton, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, West Bloomfield or any other community in Metro Detroit, you simply must price it correctly. Study after study shows the same thing: when you get the price right and you’re in a relatively normal market, you can get multiple offers, and that’s when you really do well as a seller. When you get the price wrong, you can really harm yourself financially.”

“The other factor that our clients and we believe really mattered: using a professional photographer. As you can see from the images below, the photographer did a great job, and presented the home in the most positive manner possible.”

“When we work with our selling clients, we always share our Ultimate Guide to Getting Top Dollar When You Sell Your Home Guide with them, specifically so they understand exactly what they need to do to maximize their sales price,” McClure continued. “In this case, we had a client who did basically everything you could ever ask of a seller if the goal was to get top dollar. And that’s exactly what happened. We are super happy for this client, and honored to have been a part of this very successful selling experience. What people don’t always recognize or fully understand is how much of the process they can control, simply pricing their home properly and then doing everything they reasonably can in terms of getting their home ready to sell. When you do those things, more often than not, good things happen. And that was certainly the case here.”


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