P1 Smashes Sales Price Record in Covington Estates

Professional One Real Estate listed the property at 38313 Clinton Court, Westland, Michigan in the Covington Estates subdivision. The home sold instantly, garnering five offers within the first two days on the market, and setting a new record sales price for the sub – $268,000 – which was dramatically higher than any price previously obtained for the sub (see chart below for details). This price was $33,000, or 14%, higher than any price ever paid for a home in total history of the existence of the Covington Estates sub.

Professional One Real Estate agent Andrea Vanderveen was the listing agent, and broker/owner Michael McClure was the co-lister. Vanderveen also spent nearly half a year helping the seller prepare her home for sale, specifically to ensure the client netted as much as possible from the sale.

“This client was and is a long-time friend, and she had poured her heart and soul – and a lot of money – into her home,” noted Vanderveen. “She knew she probably put a bit too much into the home financially, but she never expected to move, so that wasn’t a primary concern for her at the time. Her personal circumstances changed in a way she could not have anticipated, and that caused her to have to sell.”

Andrea Vanderveen

“When I toured the home with my client, I could see that there was a lot she needed to do if the goal was to get the absolute most the market would possibly bear,” Vanderveen continued. “Over the course of the next six months, I coordinated that work on behalf of my client, who was only at home during weekends and had no time to spare in terms of doing that kind of thing. And what a difference that work made! We had five offers! Three on the first day the home was on the market, and two the next day.”

“When Andrea told me what she was going to list this home for, I was a little bit incredulous, because the price was so far above the prior sales in the sub” added McClure. “But Andrea was so adamant, so determined and so confident in her thinking that I went along with her decision. And she was obviously correct, given what happened: we absolutely smashed the all-time previous high sales price for the sub, and by a lot. I give Andrea all the credit for that, because she fought for her client’s best interests in a truly “above and beyond” manner.”

“The icing on the cake?,” McClure continue. “The seller actually paid us MORE than what we agreed to when we listed her home – and we did not discount our commission. Yes, she was THAT happy with what Andrea did for her. It was because Andrea made such an extreme, unusual effort before the home was listed, making countless trips from her home in Plymouth to Westland to meet with contractors, and even to do some of the work herself!”

“No matter where you are – Westland,  Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Canton, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, West Bloomfield or any other community in Metro Detroit – you simply must price it properly. When you get the price wrong, you can really harm yourself as a seller. Andrea nailed it, and her client benefitted greatly.”

“When we work with our sellers, we never fail to share our Ultimate Guide to Getting Top Dollar When You Sell Your Home Guide with them, specifically so they understand exactly what they need to do to maximize their sales price,” McClure noted. “In this case, we had a client who did basically everything you could ever ask of a seller if the goal was to get top dollar. And that’s exactly what happened. We are so happy for this client, and honored to have been a part of this very successful selling experience.”

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