The Little Things that Thrill

About a month ago, I received a small package in the mail. It was sent from BMW of North America. I had no idea what they would be sending me, or why, but I hurriedly opened the package. And it contained a pen.

Quality, Reinforced

A REALLY nice pen. Like, Mont Blanc nice. The one you see above.

Heavy. Solid. Thick. Quality, through and through.

They sent this pen to me why? To commemorate my second anniversary of this particular car.


I’ve been driving BMWs for eight years now. I started with a 330i, then switched to an X5, and now I’m in a 335Xi.

And they are AMAZING cars. I cannot say enough how about how much I love driving a BMW.

Next to Apple, BMW is my favorite brand on the planet.

Word of Mouth? Yep

But here’s the funny thing: I’ve probably told as many people about THE PEN in one month as I’ve told about THE THREE CARS in eight years!

Now, I know this post is not original, at all. People have been buying gifts for clients in real estate forever. That’s not new.

But I’d personally forgotten just how much little things like this can impact your perceptions about a brand (especially when it comes at an unexpected time, like this pen did).

Little Can Go a Long Way

Sometimes, it’s the little things that thrill.

What are you doing to thrill your clients unexpectedly?

It doesn’t have to be anything material.

But it needs to be something unexpected, out of the ordinary and special.

Enhance your brand with a little thing that thrills…

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